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    With 4 hours left we wanted to make another quick post for any of you last minute types.

    The Heroes & Inspirations project has been a huge success. We’re now offering 20 Ladies of Science, 10 Women of History, 10 Ladies of Literature, 15 different crystal colors, book charms, chemical formula pendants, and periodic table pendants & earrings.

    We couldn’t have gotten this far without you.

    As we near the end we want to not only thank everyone who has pledged so far, but also everyone who has helped us spread the word. You are all amazing!

    If you haven’t pledged, and you want to be sure to get these cool pieces, follow this link: and pledge now.

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      Thank you so much to everyone who contributed and re-blogged! I hope you’ll look forward to some more portraits of...
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      Just in case anyone hasn’t had a chance to pledge yet, your time is short!
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